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Beware of Glomp Pullover Hoodie

$37.50 $34.50

Warn potential victims before that uncontrollable urge hits you to just spread the love (and possibly disable someone in the process). This cotton pullover hoodie is perfect for conventions and anywhere else you feel the need to alert others to your glomp-ish tendencies.

These regular style pullover hoodies are styled and fit for girls or guys - are made from a super soft ultra cotton blend, and feature a front pocket pouch, and a double lined hood. Perfect for snuggling on chilly nights or brisk days in the spring and fall!

S - width across chest 20" - length 28"
M - width across chest 22" - length 29"
L - width across chest 24" - length 30"
XL - width across chest 26" - length 31"
2XL - width across chest 28" - length 32"
3XL - width across chest 29" - length 32"
4XL - width across chest 30" - length 33"
5XL - width across chest 31" - length 34"

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