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Kitsune Love 5 Button Set


Even Kitsune need a little bit of love.

These high-quality pins are 1 1/4", perfect for accessorizing bags, hats, clothing, etc.

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Kitsune Love 5 Button Set

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Tags: kitsune button, kitsune accessories, kawaii fox pins
Date added:
Rating: 5 </span> of 5 stars [5 of 5 stars]
I love my little pins. They're so cute though I wish they could be a bit bigger. They'll be perfect to put on my kitsune bag.

Date added:
Rating: 5 </span> of 5 stars [5 of 5 stars]
I got them for free as a promotional gift with my regular order. Not exactly a fox fan but at least they were free lol

Date added:
Rating: 4 </span> of 5 stars [4 of 5 stars]
I like them. The little kitsune pin was my favorite.

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