KPOP 7 Pin Set - KPOP Badges


The ultimate grab-bag of our most awesome KPOP pins!
You will get all the pins seen in the photo - that's 7 total!

The 7 pins you get are:

top row:
middle row: 3.Pizza Cake and KPOP 4.KPOP FIghting! 5.OPPA is my bias
bottom row: 6.Hwaiting (hangul) 7.Saranghae (hangul)

These high-quality buttons are 1 1/4", perfect for accessorizing bags, hats, clothing, etc.

We are 3 artists with a vision to feed your craving for cool fashion inspired by Japanese pop culture. A little innocently cute, a dark splash of gothic, and a pinch of naughty... you'll be waiting to see what we'll come up with next. Read our story