Love for KPOP? Best gifts for a KPOP fan!

Got a K-pop fan on your gift list?

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If you're into K-pop, K-drama, or just have a special love for Korea, we have a collection of hangul and K-inspired t-shirts, apparel, and accessories that should make you squee! Here's some of our top recommendations:

Saranghae T-shirt

This t-shirt features the hangul characters for "saranghae", meaning "I love you" in Korean. And if you're a K-pop fan, you should already have heard this phrase a million times in every love song! We spiced up the characters with little hearts and stars to make this design extra cute. Purple is our go-to favorite, but there is also black, light blue, navy, or grey to choose from, or send us a request for a custom color.

I Love Kpop Button

Who doesn't love buttons? This extra shiny and sturdy steel badge will pin to your bag to make a fashion statement and subtly attract fellow fans! Need more buttons? Pair some of your favorite band's buttons or patches with our OTP button and get a little slashy. :3

Check out our special section for all of our Korean-inspired designs!

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