• Dark Fashion under the Moon
Yelling Anime Girl
Love Hate Relationship
Pastel Drips
Maneki Neko
Peace Kanji
My Heart in Japan
Fruits Party
I'd Rather Be in the Bath
Konnichiwa! Ja ne!
Calma as a Llama

Japanese Number Slang

We have your number! Take an introduction course to Japanese number slang, and get two new t-shirt designs.

New Designs for 2018

Brand new designs for 2018 are here to keep you in geek style. Let us introduce you to our new arrivals.

Gesshoku is our independent fashion brand aimed at bringing you unique clothing inspired by Japanese pop culture, fantasy, and our own sense of humor and geekiness. With an eclectic mix of dark and cute, you'll find alternative fashion to suit a variety of genres, including kawaii, aesthetic, gothic & witchy, pastel goth, anime & geek, hipster, and others. Whatever you're drawn too, we hope you'll find something that calls to your true style self!