Beware of Glomp T-shirt


Warn potential victims before that uncontrollable urge hits you to just spread the love (and possibly disable someone in the process). This t-shirt is perfect for conventions and anywhere else you feel the need to alert others to your glomp-ish tendencies.

T-shirt details:
This design is printed in high-quality inks on a 100% cotton men's/unisex cut t-shirt.



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3 reviews for Beware of Glomp T-shirt

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    =) Friends adore it and many ask me where I have got it from and it's made so well! =) THANKS! =) It's amazing =)


    I plan on buying this shirt soon!!!! I cant wait! This shirt is SO cute!!!!!!!!!!


    I love this shirt! It's so comfortable and everywhere I go people are asking where I got it!
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