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Chibi Goth Kitty Crossbody Tote Bag


Don't be afraid - our chibi goth kitty won't bite (despite the vampire fangs). This kitty will just sit on your bag looking adorably naughty with his spiked collar.

These cotton canvas totes feature an extra-long strap that make them perfect for wearing crossbody style. At 13 inches wide by 16 inches tall, with a roomy open interior, they are large enough for shopping, school binders, or toting around conventions and festivals.

Strap length is 47 inches.


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1 review for Chibi Goth Kitty Crossbody Tote Bag

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    This has become my favorite bag. Its big enough to put my sweatshirt and a change of shoes when I go out or when I go to the store I can put my purchases into it and still have room for my wallet, keys, and ipod. It has a little pocket on the inside which comes in handy to put my cellphone in when I'm wearing an outfit with no pockets. The strap is thick which I LOVE so it balances the weight of my bag throughout my entire shoulder when its overstuffed :) The design is just adorable! Almost everywhere I go I hear "Look at her bag" or "How cute!"
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