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Chibi Goth Panda Sling Bag


From j-rock to anime to gothic lolita, our chibi panda bag will complete any wardrobe and complement any mood, inspiring squees of 'kawaii' from all who cross your path.

A roomier alternative to our canvas tote bags, these heavyweight canvas sling bags are also super fashionable. Made of 100% cotton, the bag measures 14 inches wide by 16 inches high, with a comfortable wide strap and roomy bottom. Features a large open interior with convenient small pocket.

Strap drop length (from shoulder to bag) is 14 1/2 inches.


Rated 5 stars based on 5 customer reviews

5 reviews for Chibi Goth Panda Sling Bag

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    I absolutely adore this bag. _3 I really don't believe reviews until I actually get the item myself, so I didn't think the inside would be able to hold as much as others have said it can. I've been using this for my finals week this week to carry my things since backpacks aren't allowed on campus anymore, and it can easily carry quite a few notebooks, a textbook, a laptop, and more. The best part is that the strap doesn't murder your shoulder when you're carrying all of this! * A * I was shocked when I put my Algebra textbook in there, and could barely feel the weight on my shoulder. The inside pocket is quite large as well. It starts near the top of the bag, which is my one and only dislike about it. When I'm not looking and try to put something in it, I'll accidentally drop it inside the actual bag instead of the pocket or on the floor. The design looks like it's actually sewn on, so I don't think it'll be a problem when I have to wash it soon. All my friends love my bag, and everyone knows what's meant by "the panda bag."


    Love it!!!!! It is way bigger than I expected it to be! It is also super sturdy! And the design is totally me! :) lov it! _3


    Really sturdy and much more roomy than it looks; carries my four binders and a textbook no problem. Washes well and takes a lot of abuse without any wear at all. Great for any purpose.


    very strong sturdy bag that can take a beating, and will wash nice without losing the design in case of spillage. Very Kawaii _3 love it so much


    Absolutely perfect! It's a tough, spacious bag fit for everyday or for times when you need to haul alot. The design is adorable and goes with any mood I'm in. =^.^=
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