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Chibi Goth Panda Tote Bag


From j-rock to anime to gothic lolita, our chibi panda bag will complete any wardrobe and complement any mood, inspiring squees of 'kawaii' from all who cross your path. Perfect for carrying manga, CDs, or your favorite lolita accessories.

Bag measures 13.5" by 14".5, features handles long enough to wear comfortably on your shoulder, and is made of a soft durable cotton.


Rated 5 stars based on 4 customer reviews

4 reviews for Chibi Goth Panda Tote Bag

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    Love it. It's my favorite new tote bag to replace an old one that was damaged. Thanks, Gesshoku. (:


    I got this as a Christmas present 2 years ago, and it's still is great condition! It's my number 1 tote, and if I didn't have so much stuff it'd be the perfect size to carry small binders in for school. I know that I'll be buying a new one whenever my current one gives out!


    I hopped around when I got this in the mail! The quality was great, it's nice and big, and I definitely love it!


    8D OMG~! I love this bag! When I got it in the mail I flipped when I got it in the mail. The panda is so cute! ^w^ And the chopsticks surprised me, but I love them! :3 Awesomeness and great condition :D
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