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Chiisana Hane Feathers Unisex Tank Top


"Small feathers can turn into wings"

One single feather, caught on the wind... swirling alone in the sky, unites with another... and the wings of peace carry us away from here...

A single feather and Japanese script features on this unisex cotton tank top.

These unisex tank tops for men or women are 100% soft ribbed cotton. This gives you a stylish body hugging fit with a good comfortable stretch.

XS - width across chest 15" - length 26"
S - width across chest 16" - length 26"
M - width across chest 17" - length 27"
L - width across chest 18" - length 27"
XL - width across chest 20" - length 28"
2XL - width across chest 21" - length 28"



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