Chou Chou Butterfly Kanji Hooded T-shirt (silver/black)


Chou chou... little butterfly wings. Fragile and mysterious, the butterfly inspires the magic of the faerie world. Shirt features the Japanese kanji for butterfly

These soft pullover hoodies are a lightweight t-shirt material, perfect for warm weather or for layering. They are cut fashionably for a stylish look for both men and women, and are a super soft 100% cotton.

XS - width across chest 16" - length 27"
S - width across chest 18" - length 28"
M - width across chest 20" - length 29"
L - width across chest 22" - length 30"
XL - width across chest 24" - length 31"
2XL - width across chest 26" - length 32"


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