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Fujoshi Button

$2.00 + free US shipping on pin orders of $15

Fujoshi, literally meaning "rotten girl", is a Japanese term for a female otaku, particularly a yaoi fangirl. Wear your rottenness with pride with this devilish pin.

These high-quality pins are 1 1/4", perfect for accessorizing bags, hats, clothing, etc.


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1 review for Fujoshi Button

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    So cute! I'm so excited to finally have received all the buttons I ordered! (from other places too) Was the extra button I got an accident or was it a complimentary button? (another person did that from etsy) Also I think maybe it would be a good idea to make the image a bit smaller on the buttons, since the text is touching the curved edge of the button slightly. Usually you want it to be completely flat on the button. Just a thought! But I love it anyway.
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