Japanese Number Slang

We're talking about Japanese number slang! These new designs make you one of the cool kids on the street, when you know their secret meanings.

If you've ever seen Japanese Twitter or pixiv, you might have noticed special celebrations on certain days. And if you've ever wondered why the 29th of every month is Meat Day, or why the 15th is Strawberry Day, it's because of number wordplay! Since 2 is pronounced 'ni' and 9 is pronounced 'ku', 29 sounds like 'niku' (meat). The same goes for 1 ('ichi') and 5 ('go') which sounds like 'strawberry' (ichigo).

Some other examples are:

  • 88 --> 'pachi pachi' --> sound of clapping

  • 39 --> 'sankyuu' --> 'thank you' in English

  • 0840 --> 'ohayou' --> 'good morning'

  • 8/2 (August 2nd) --> 'pantsu' --> Panty Day

  • 2/5 (February 5th) --> 'futago' --> Twins Day (also 11/25 --> Good Twins Day)

So in the spirit of playing with numbers, we've got two new designs reflecting popular netspeak. Keep scrolling to see them!

❤ - Inu & Kitsu

Yoroshiku T-shirt


While yoroshiku is notoriously hard to translate into English, it has a literal meaning of 'please treat me kindly', and might be written in English, depending on the context, as 'nice to meet you', 'please', or 'kind regards'.

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801 YAOI

Maybe you've seen August 1st celebrated as Yaoi Day on the internet. Why is that? Because the numbers 801 can be pronounced as ya-o-i. (That is, if you stretch the rules a little, but that's OK.) This design is perfect for yaoi lovers on any day of the year.

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801 Yaoi Sweatshirt

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