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Jrock Bunny Cinch Backpack


This punk pirate bunny is our original mascot and still a customer favorite. And with his spiked collar, earring, and punk-glam star eyepatch, we absolutely agree - how could you not love this guy? Carry this backpack in black, grey, khaki, aqua, or raspberry, and this stylin' bunny will declare that Rock is Not Dead.

Thiis drawstring cinch-top backpack is made of an extra-sturdy cotton canvas that can handle a surprising amount of books, clothes, or even a small laptop.
Features: ★ front zippered pocket ★ measures 14 inches wide by 17.5 inches tall. (35.5 cm by 44 cm)


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1 review for Jrock Bunny Cinch Backpack

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    Very sturdy and super cute! ^__^ Big enough to hold all my school supplies and more.
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