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Kitty Turned into a Cupcake Cinch Backpack


Kitty goes through a lot just for you. Do you know how #*&$ing hard it is to be a cupcake? This sarcastically amusing backpack lets you show off your effing cute attitude wherever you go. And this sturdy canvas drawstring bag is ready to carry notebooks, devices, shopping - whatever you've got!

These cotton canvas bags feature two canvas straps made to slip easily over your shoulders, a roomy main compartment that cinches closed, and a zipped front pocket. Bag measures 14 inches wide by 17.5 inches tall. (35.5 cm by 44 cm)


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1 review for Kitty Turned into a Cupcake Cinch Backpack

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    I got it grey. 2 big pockets with good zippers and great material. cute kitty cupcake in which I bought pins to add onto it. I LOVE THIS
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