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Om Nom Nom Sushi Insulated Bento Bag


Don't despair, cute little sushi! This cute little lunch tote will keep plenty of sushi tasting fresh, or whatever lunch you'd like to take!

These useful little lunch totes measure 9 inches wide by 7 inches in height, with a 5 inch wide bottom. They are polyester with insulated interior to keep your noms hot or cold as you would like. The roomy interior will fit a six pack of soda or a bento box (or two), or whatever lunch you'd like to pack!


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3 reviews for Om Nom Nom Sushi Insulated Bento Bag

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    i got mine just yesterday, and i must say i am /quite/ pleased. i like the deep purple color, the roominess (heh, seems bigger on the inside- like a TARDIS)... actually, i thought the "arigatou" stamp on the paper was cute as well :3 it feels pretty durable also, unlike the other lunchboxes i've had ___"


    I got this free awhile ago with my order and as someone else said, it was much bigger than I expected. ^_^ I CITed at a camp this summer and packed my lunch everyday in this and my lunch was always nice and cold with my ice pack. (The insulation is really nice)


    Gah! This is soooo cute! I got it free with an order and I am SO impressed with it! It's much bigger than I thought it would be. The insulation is very nice too. I want more just like it!!
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