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Sushi Menu Pins

$2.00 + free US shipping on pin orders of $15

It's sushi time! Pick your favorite type with our Sushi Menu pins. Choose from:
1. oshizushi (pressed sushi)
2. inarizushi (tofu pouch sushi)
3. temaki (hand roll)
4. tamago nigiri (egg topped sushi)
5. nigirizushi (topped sushi)
6. gunkanmaki (battleship roll)
7. hosomaki (thin rolls)
8. futomaki (thick roll)

(See second picture for design numbers)

These high-quality pastel pins are perfect for adding flair to jackets, bags, hats, as gift toppers, and more. Choose your size - our regular-sized 1.25 inch pins, or jumbo 2.25 inch pins to really make a statement.