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3-tailed Baby Kitsune Pullover Hoodie


Fuzzy little kitsune swishes her tail, swish... swish... mesmerizing... so adorably cute and innocent, isn't she?

These regular style pullover hoodies are styled and fit for girls or guys - are made from a super soft ultra cotton blend, and feature a front pocket pouch, and a double lined hood. Perfect for snuggling on chilly nights or brisk days in the spring and fall!



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1 review for 3-tailed Baby Kitsune Pullover Hoodie

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    I just BARELY received this in the mail and I was so excited when I opened the package! It is a small and it's a perfect fit, so soft and cuddly, but not too bulky like some pullovers. And the design on the front is absolutely adorable as well. It is now officially my favourite hoodie. Thank you for being so accomodating and responding to any questions I had while waiting for this to arrive. This is only my second time purchasing from Gesshoku but I will most definitely buy from them in the future. Thank you again!!!!!! ^_^
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