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Uke Badge T-shirt


You can proudly label yourself as an uke with this simply designed t-shirt featuring the word "uke". Perfect for yaoi and yuri enthusiasts.

T-shirt details:
Men's/unisex t-shirt.



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1 review for Uke Badge T-shirt

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    All of this is why I love this item *I have multiple furry pets and with them comes loose fur. I had no issues getting the fur off with a simple lint roller * The fabric is a heavyweight blend of cotton and polyester. * It seems to be a pretty durable fabric. * Design as pictured * (on the day I got it April 26th) Wore this shirt on a 4 mile walk, it absorbed the sweat and held it helping to keep me cool. Personal story time: With this shirt, I met someone that liked this shirt. We had a good laugh. I saw him the next day wearing a shirt that said "Seme" on it. I have seen him every day since I met him. It may have actually made me a friend, maybe more. :)
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