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Your Name in Kanji T-shirt


Let us take your name and write it in Japanese Kanji!

For this listing, we'll take any name of your choosing, and write the syllables in Japanese kanji. We'll hand-select the most harmonious characters and meanings for your name, and print the characters on a t-shirt as shown. You'll also receive a printable card sent to your email with the meaning of your name.

A single Western name translated will usually end up being 2-5 kanji. We recommended using only one name (first name only or last name only) unless the full name is 3 syllables or less, as translated names of more than 5 kanji may look awkward.

If you would like to see a preview of your name before printing for approval, please let us know in the notes of your order. (This may extend the printing process as we will need to wait for your approval.) Otherwise we will print your name and have it shipped out to you within the stated printing time.

This t-shirt is screenprinted on your choice of color cotton men's/unisex style t-shirt. These are 100% cotton and super soft!