About us

We rise with the moon
「月食」Gesshoku :: [lunar eclipse]

Midnight beckons. Underneath the whispering of tree's leaves, a glimpse of soft purple fabric and silver accessories. Welcome to our carnival.

Gesshoku, meaning lunar eclipse, was founded in January 2007 by Inu and Kitsu. Just call us a couple of playful animal sprites. (^・⋏・^) Back then we perfected our own unique eco-friendly screenprinting process, and with much work and love our store has grown into our large catalog of designs, apparel, and accessories, every design carefully created by us. Our items have flown out to thousands of customers in more than 60 countries around the world, from our home base in Grand Rapids, MI, USA.

We created Gesshoku with a vision to provide unique fashion unlike the stuff you can get anywhere else. While it may seem like an eclectic mix at first, we are inspired by wherever our tastes may lead us, with a slant toward Japanese pop culture and romantic gothic fashion. Our clothing draws influence from anime fandoms, steampunk and lolita style, kawaii aesthetic fashion, and Harajuku trends, as well as traditional themes and a sprinkling of western influence.

With our shop, you can be sure:
  • ❇ you are supporting independent artists directly
  • ❇ you'll receive personalized customer service
  • ❇ 100% original products - no bootlegs ever
  • ❇ your items will be printed without the use of toxic chemicals

You can also check our FAQ for any other questions, or follow us on Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook for updates.

Oh... and we like socks. :3

-Inu & Kitsu